Transition Town Stafford is one of a number of “Transition Towns”, that are emerging throughout the world.

Th idea behind “transition towns” is that the sources of cheap energy that we have all taken for granted are running out, and that we will all need to find ways to change to adapt to the pressures this will cause.

Transition Town Stafford has been running since June 2008. We are actively looking at ways to make the town more energy efficient, and at ways of reducing our dependance on food and other necessities having to be bought in from a distance.

We are working with a number of established groups with an interest in the Environment and are making recommendations to local and national government about changes that we think are necessary.

An important part of the idea behind Transition towns is that this is a movement that everyone can become involved in.

Find out more about Transition Town Stafford and some of the things we have been discussing.