I have just been picking up on a number of interesting things.

Here is a chart of the priorities  identified by the conservative party prospective candidates. This is to be found in Conservative Home.

It is not surprising that concerns about the deficit come far higher up the list than measures to improve services.

A bigger surprise is that the concerns about reducing the carbon footprint ranks quite so low.

Given that the Conservatives fought the local elections in June on the slogan of Vote Blue get Green, this  does make one question how far they mean what they say.

The following  blog from the Telegraph’s writer gives the impression that the Conservative front bench would like to convey the view that their climate change deniers are a rump, and will soon be gone.  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/benedictbrogan/100018706/cameroons-say-climate-change-deniers-are-old-and-dying/ The PPC statistics might lead us to doubt that.

 It is always a mystery to me why it is that people can be passionately against the idea of taking action on climate change.

This video is I think useful in exploring what is trapping some people into their current belief that inaction is acceptable.