I ought to have known better really. I know that there were all those years in which I didn’t bother to join the labour party because I assumed they didn’t need any help from me. When I did finally join, because I felt my MP needed a little more help on some specific matters, I found that all the political parties are pretty low on young, energetic volunteers, and that everyone has something useful to contribute.

Up until now when I have been canvassing I haven’t actively asked people if they would like to help. That changed yesterday. I was out delivering letters, a lady offered to do a particular stair for me, and we got in conversation about the letters. It turned out that she was someone who had been helped as an individual by my MP, and was ready willing and able to help with the fight to get him re-elected. She is already thinking of inviting a small army of friends and relatives to help with this too.

So this morning when I was canvassing I decided as an experiment to ask anyone who expressed their strong support for Labour if they would like to help. The response was impressive. I picked up 5 people ready to do leaflet distribution, two prepared to canvass, and one prepared to put on a fund raising dinner at his restaurant.

I think I may be on to something here!