I have only just heard the news that the American Healthcare reforms have been passed – by a pretty narrow margin 220 -215.

It is brilliant news. I have been looking at some of the Commonwealth Fund study comparing health care systems in different countries. It is just appalling to think that the richest country in the world could for so long have felt is was OK that many of its own citizens should not benefit from the health care it is able to provide.

I have also been reading “the Spirit Level” – which looks at the levels of inequality within different societies and gives some compelling data on how the more unequal societies empoverish all their people in the things that matter most – such as happiness, health, and trust.

It is a real tribute to the human spirit that this battle to create fairer health provision has now been won.

The worry we should perhaps all have is that it has been such an incredibly hard fight for President Obama to get these reforms through. There are still so many people who believe that their personal interest are best served by an unequal society.

One of the things that I was happy to see is that many ordinary people helped in the fight to win these reforms. This site shows a load of simple home made videos sent in by ordinary Americans to put across why they wanted health care reform.
by the time you have watched them there is little doubt about why healthcare reform was needed.