After a few days to let it settle there are a few images remaining from Camerons big speech.

I remember thinking how it must feel for him to be waiting to come on. Years of working towards this – needing to prove himself now. Can’t be easy.

Then there is the refrain. “All pull together” . after the third or forth time that sent me back decades to watching my brother in Scout gang shows. I always thought it was the Eton boating song – but I’ve checked the words. That is actually “We all swing together” – which brings on a new set of images – none of them good!

I remember thinking how careful he is to use very simple words – one or two syllables. “I am a simple man”.

The theatrical bit – the anger over the poverty trap bothered me. The poverty trap – the result of the tapering off of benefit for people on low incomes – can hardly be news to him. I have know about it since I started studying social policy in the 70s and I saw its effects in housing estates all through the 80s and 90s.- and it is really not possible to do a days canvassing without meeting this issue. So – all that display of anger looked to me just a little bit disingenuous. Then again – maybe he doesn’t generally canvass the same sort of areas that I do. Maybe the work that Ian Duncan-Smith has been doing to look at social justice really is news to some of his colleagues.

It is an issue for the moment though! It is true that ways have to be found to get people back to work. – just I suppose that how and why you go about this looks a little different – depending on where you stand.

If the conservatives really do have a magic wand for getting rid of the poverty trap then lets see it!

I was waiting for some policies – didn’t get any though – just nice fuzzy words.

And then – just the feeling – is this what there is?

I remembered a film we all saw years ago – “the Candidate”. with Robert Redford. Nice looking young man – quite idealistic – groomed for the presidency – guided through the process – wades through a lot of poison to get there, becomes completely focused on winning and what it takes, then he wins and wonders what to do next!

Here are some more images of the Big Speech From Steve Bell – Cartoonist. This video explains why he sees Cameron as a Jelly Fish