When I arrived home from a surprisingly good Farmer’s market today, tired and cold, I found a message that I needed to contact the man from the allotment association.

It appears that my endeavour to get the neighbours working to protect the allotment site, and get our children working on growing things together, has gone down like a lead balloon with the Allotment association. So where as I had been simply battling to get the allotment up to scratch by the deadline at the end of March, a battle that I think incidentally I was winning, I am now in a fight to keep the allotment at all.

I suppose we are dealing with a generational thing here. People of my age and younger, and perhaps especially women, see the point of trying to work together on community projects. The members of the allotment association committee are apparently mainly gentlement in their 80s, and perhaps they see things differently.
If they are looking for everything in straight lines and not a weed in site, I am afraid I have lost the battle. I have never been able to garden in that way. If they are looking for things to criticise they will be certain to find some.

The man who is acting as a “messenger” on this, is actually trying to be constructive, and is coming along to the meeting that has now been booked to bring the neighbours together, to see what is what. They may also be willing to find a compromise solution, giving a parcel of the site to someone who is on the waiting list. That might work, and then again it might not. The right person would be fine. The wrong one would drive me away!

Having worked on a big allotment site before, I can imagine that a communal project , with children, might not always work well with some of the plot holders. The beauty of this site for this particular purpose is that it is one little plot all by itself, so there is no one else to be bothered by it. It would work very well as a community project!

At present I am trying to remain positive about this and see what can be done. I think at any rate that they should honour what they have said in their letter, and give me until the end of March to get things OK.