I have just been reading Will Huttons, comment in The Observer 08/02/09. We can replicate the beauty that come from the Depression , And then I decided to take a look at Comment is free for the first time in quite a while.

I posted this as a response to the article.

“I read this article feeling that there were some good points being made, and then came in to comment is free and got pretty depressed.

What I liked was the simple suggestion that there was a real appetite for fairness, that we need to satisfy, and that there is a need for a creative response to the problems we find outselves facing.

A lot of the comments seem to see this as out of touch, perhaps it because Will Hutton recognises the value of Art and Culture, at a time when many people see the need to focus on more basic needs.

What I am seeing, here and at many other places in the internet, is an amazing growth in energy and creativity being brought about by the new ways of communicating. When I look here I see energy, and good ideas, but also so much anger.

Most of the things that we really need to do are identified at some point within the comments on this article. We need to make communities energy efficient, we need to look at food and distribution,we need to look at the potential we have for the creation of renewable energy, we need to make sure that we are developing the technologies to communicate, effectively. I could add that we also need to ensure that frail elderly are being cared for in ways that reflect their needs, that we are developing the skills of our children, and that we are creating communities that are good places to be. To get there, to the point where these things are actually happening, not just on the cards, we need to get down to some serious work.

It is no use thinking that all of this is going to be dished up on a plate for us. That is always going to be happening far too slowly. To some degree the means can be created centrally, but the detailed answers that we need have to come from us, in the places where we live. There is an urgent need now for all of the undoubtably talented people who populate these pages to set up the means for communities to communicate effectively, to identify the projects that will make a difference for them, and to will the means to carry these projects through.

This requires a great deal of both good will and creative thinking, and we should encourage these things to grow.