It has been easy enough to see that something pretty exiting was happening in America. Millions coming out to vote, Washington packed out.
In part all this is easily explained by the fact there is a young, bright, and charasmatic new president, but it seems much more than that.

I am a recent recruit to “twitter” – a strange new world of social networking which I had assumed really belonged to the under 25s. What becomes obvious if you begin to look closely at this, finding your way through the lively tangle of interconnected networks and individual thinkers, is that Obama, and the things that he stands for in people’s minds, are woven right the way through it.

In a sense, if he did nothing more Obama has already done his work. He has shown millions of people that their ideas count, and that they have a role to play in bringing about change. If what Twitter appears to be showing is in any way real, then this is what they are doing. They are out there, forming groups, exchanging ideas, creating new opportunities, and changing their world.

I don’t think that it will stop there, because the structures are in place for a really strong interchange of ideas.

If you look at blog, agenda,
you will see a lot of useful ideas of how the new administration is going about engaging with people.

It’s about time I tweeted some of my new friends in Ohio!